About: Tim Daish & Sotto La Pioggia

Hi, my name is Tim Daish. I do things in and with movies, theatre and TV. This site is a collection of my work and projects in development through my production company registered in London, UK, Sotto La Pioggia Ltd.

Sotto La Pioggia is the Italian translation of “(singing) in the rain” – – in Italian it translates literally as “(singing) under the rain” which I chose as the name for my company as it merges my love of Italy with my experience growing up in London.

Sotto La Pioggia exists to develop and produce original content in Italy, in Italian and English language, for the international market.

We have a long-standing relationship with Firenze Produzioni and the Florence Movie Academy to develop local talent.

Sotto La Pioggia slate projects include “Eat, Pray, Zombie” (horror/comedy), “La Touriste” (drama), “Savonarola” (historical drama series), “Burton” (road movie) and “Hike” (British gangster movie set in Tuscany).

I also run workshops in Italian and English language at the Florence Movie Academy (www.florencemovie.it) in Florence, Italy, where I am based for most of the year.

My site operates essentially as a personal archive for links, images and some details of some of the creative projects that I have worked on in recent years, so if you’ve landed here, it’s quite likely that you’re working with me already… if not, then hello and welcome!